Greentown Tavern

Join us on October 1st for our 5th annual Pub Crawl

(Registration located at the bottom of this page)

Registration for this event is currently closed.  You will still be able to register the day of the event (10-1), but shirt sizes will be limited.

Our unique pub crawl takes us through 4 cities as we travel from stop to stop on the Metra Train.  

The pub crawl includes: Breakfast buffet, T-shirt, Weekend Train Pass, Drink Specials at all participating Bars and Door Prizes.  


What we are all about:

Evan and Ian

Evan was diagnosed with AML, Acute Myeloid Leukemia on July 1, 2008. Due to the aggressive form that he had, he needed a Bone Marrow Transplant to survive. He received his first BMT on November 7, 2008 from an unrelated female donor from Germany, but unfortunately he rejected it. He received his second and successful BMT on December 17, 2008 with his mom as his donor. Evan was inpatient for over 9 months with numerous complications and many PICU stays. Today he is cancer free, but suffers from post-treatment complications including chronic lung disease, severe sleep apnea which requires the use of a BiPAP machine and O2 while sleeping, Grade 3 Kidney Disease and a new Cardiac issue to name a few. Evan is a Junior this year and despite a rough road ahead of him, he continues to fight and be an inspiration

Ian suffers from Mitochondrial Disease. Mitochondrial Diseases are currently life threatening as there is not known cure, just treatment of symptoms. Your Mitochondria are the powerhouse of your cells and are responsible for energy distribution. When your Mitochondria dysfunction, it can and will affect your major organs. For Ian, it has taken a huge toll on his GI system. Ian has never eaten and relies on IV nutrition for 20 hours a day in addition to supplemental fluids daily to survive. Ian also suffers from asthma, dysautonomia, chronic neuropathic pain, hypothyroidism, a heart murmur and severe gut dysmotility to name a few. Ian is a happy 9 year old that always has a smile on his face no matter what the medical challenge he may be facing. He has grown up in hospitals and with private duty nursing and today is a 4th grader who is currently being home schooled.

Photos of DERAILED past