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Join us on October 6th for our 7th annual Pub Crawl

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Our unique pub crawl takes us through 4 cities as we travel from stop to stop on the Metra Train.  

The pub crawl includes: Breakfast buffet, T-shirt, Weekend Train Pass, Drink Specials at all participating Bars and Door Prizes.  



On July 21​st​, 2018 Duane Dillard II was involved in a motorcycle accident that almost took his life. Duane was diagnosed with a Diffuse Axonal Brain Injury leaving him unresponsive and on life support for 17 days. Initially, doctors offered little to no hope of recovery. Despite great odds, Duane began to regain consciousness on day 17. In a matter of a few days from initial responsiveness, he is able to open his eyes completely with normal pupil response. He is demonstrating both reflexive action as well as voluntary actions. He is demonstrating awareness of self and others. He is breathing entirely unassisted.

We are currently fighting an insurance battle to get him into the Shirley Ryan Ability Lab (formerly RIC) in Chicago, IL. This is one of the top Neurological rehabilitation centers and will give Duane the best recovery outcome. Duane is demonstrating that he is a strong candidate for rehabilitation. Duane’s doctors are clear about his potential for improvement and the urgency for the best rehabilitation available. They made attempts to contact his insurance company and waited 3 days for a response from them. The insurance company denied his doctor’s requests. They continue to waste time. These next steps are time sensitive. With each day that passes, Duane continues to progress and demonstrate that he is still with us, fighting. This is something an insurance company cannot see.

We ask you to imagine someone you love not getting the care they need. Imagine almost losing that person and now having an opportunity for their recovery being thwarted by their insurance company. This is not a short battle. The insurance company continues to deny Doctors requests. They will only approve Duane’s relocation to a nursing home with limited care and rehabilitation options. While we sit here and witness Duane’s progress and survival, the insurance company continues to act in poor faith. They disregard the recommendations of neurosurgeons and trauma doctors who wish to see this young patient return to an independent life.

For those of you who don’t know Duane, he is only 31 years old. He was born in Michigan to a family who serves and has served and protected our country. His father, Duane Dillard, is a retired Marine; his mother, Jocelyn, is a retired federal agent; and his younger brother, Adam, is in the U.S.M.C. currently serving our country and on his way to deployment. For the past 8 years Duane has been employed as a journeyman mechanic at Anthony Buick GMC. He pays his insurance premiums on a monthly basis, owns his own home with a mortgage and all of the related expenses.

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